Transportation Team

The Transport Team recognizes that transportation is one of the biggest hindrances to recovery.

428631101 10220233608789947 4459124171359224946 nWe provide free transporting services for organizations listed below

1.) The Main Place – Contact: Aaron Messina

2.) Job & Family Services – Contact: Administrator only

3.) Health Progress – Contact: Chris Roberts

4.) Summer Bloom – Contact: Autumn Conklin

5.) Lighthouse Behavioral Heath – Contact: Ashley Vizzo

The following restrictions will be enforced:

  • Only approved appointments through either the Admin or Point of Contact from the above organizations can be transported.
  • Riders are required to put ALL baggage in the rear of the vehicle
  • If a rider is caught with any substance or substance use paraphernalia, they will permanently lose all transporting privileges.

Please call (740) 877-7260 or scan the QR code below

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